Wedding Guest Style Guide

It’s always the question, what should I wear when attending a wedding? Some people spend hours for shopping and looking for the perfect dress or outfit so they can dress appropriately and not underdress.

The Black Tux has a suggestion for you. No matter what’s the formality of the event, they have a suggestion of how you can dress nicely and dress as the event asked.

For me and as a wedding planner, my rule of thumb is something that you can wear comfortably.

–Ladies are always suggested to wear a semi-formal dress that fit with the season but not super sexy when attending a wedding. Long dress or short dress is depending on your body type. Some ladies carry a long dress nicely but some don’t. So choose something that would fit you comfortably. You are suppose to wear the dress, not having the dress wear you.;-)

–Guys are usually easier when it comes to choosing the outfit. I would say always go with a button down shirt and dress pants. Also, depending on the formality of the event, suit and tie are always the nice combination and won’t go wrong.

Check out the wedding guest style guide provided by The Black Tux on their suggestions on wedding guest attire. Since it’s summer time, I’m sure you as the wedding guests will have maybe 1 or 2 or more weddings to attend.

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Have fun shopping and attending the joyous celebration!


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